Kim Possible is on an all-new adventure to save the world! The raven-haired crime fighter, played by Sadie Stanley, stars in the flesh in Disney’s new movie, alongside her clumsy sidekick Ron Stoppable (played by Sean Giambrone from The Goldbergs) and Rufus, Ron’s much-loved pet mole rat! (Did you know the voice of Rufus is none other than Nancy Cartwright, the famous voice-over artist who is also the voice of Bart Simpson?)

What’s the sitch?

In the film, it’s Kim and Ron’s first day at Middleton High School, having thwarted Professor Dementor’s plans for world domination. Life as a high school teenager is tough, what with finding your way around, popularity contests and trialling for the football team. On top of this, poor Kim faces a new personal challenge when she and Ron make friends with the new girl, Athena. When Athena tags along for a showdown with Team Possible’s arch nemesis, Drakken, they soon realise she has impressive fighting skills of her own. Could Athena be a better superhero than Kim? Everyone at school seems to think so, and while Kim is still struggling with this turn of events, the evil Drakken returns to target Athena.

Staying true to the original

When it comes to clothes, characters and gadgets, the Disney movie does a great job of honouring the animated series. Kim wears her signature mission outfit – the camo-green cargo pants, black turtleneck sweater and grey gloves. Her handy grappling hook makes an early appearance in the movie and there are new gadgets too - like a jet pack! The Kimmunicator, the mobile phone that computer genius Wade uses to communicate with Kim to help her save the world, is a necklace in the film. When Kim taps it, Wade appears as a hologram - cool!

Sadie’s first major role

Actress Sadie Stanley says she is “the luckiest girl around to be playing this amazing movie character!” Her only previous experience in front of the camera has been as an extra. “Before this, the only role I’d played on television was ‘Giggling Girl Number One’, so it was a huge deal for me … I auditioned about eight or nine times in total.” Film critic Danielle Solzman praised Sadie’s first lead performance, calling her “a star in the making”.

There’s a lot of hand-to-hand combat in the live-action film and Sadie had to train hard to do Kim justice on screen. “About a month before we started to shoot the movie, I started my physical training in Vancouver,” says the Kim Possible star. “I worked with stunt doubles and stunt coordinators. They taught me fighting skills, including boxing and different styles of martial arts. They also taught me how to use a bo staff, which is a big part of the movie. I loved it!”

Watch Sadie and her co-stars kick evil to the curb as they bring Kim Possible to life.

Kim Possible starts on Friday 3 May on Disney Channel (303) at 16:00
Available on Catch Up and to watch online on DStv Now.