Ladies, gents and gentle kids, gather round for the greatest voyage in history … at least, in the history of Sunnytown – a quaint, happy little village by the sea, where everything is always just as it should be. That is until beloved mayor JB goes missing, and a spot of fishing kicks off a giant adventure for two little friends – Sebastian and Mitcho.

Sebastian is a young elephant who lives in the house that used to be his great grandfather’s. A responsible fellow who sticks to his daily routine, Sebastian doesn’t much like change. If it were up to him, everyone ought to do just what they’re meant to do and not bother him too much. Mitcho, the cat, is quite the opposite. Always cooking up a new plan and always on the go, plucky Mitcho is impulsive and impetuous, and she hates water – dry land is definitely her happy place. In fact, that’s the one thing she and Sebastian have in common, which might be a problem, given what lies ahead.

Message in a bottle

When the two discover a hand-written message in a bottle, the duo realises that the mayor has been kidnapped and needs their help. But he’s trapped on a mysterious island! How are they to reach him? Perhaps the little seed they find in the bottle holds the answer …

With the help of Professor Glucose, Mitcho and Sebastian board a ship unlike any other and set sail for the mystical island harbouring their mayor. The sea is not too kind to the novice sailors though. They must survive encounters with pirates, ghosts, sea dragons and the pitch-black sea itself!

Along the way, they – and the viewers – will learn that change is not all that bad, that it doesn’t hurt to try new things, and that water can be your friend … if you just know how to swim. Best of all, they’ll discover that friendship can grow in the unlikeliest of places and that there’s no greater joy than overcoming your greatest fear.

The Giant Pear premieres on Saturday 27 April on M-Net (101) at 15:30