Grab the popcorn and settle in for this full-adrenalin action heist movie. When a category five hurricane approaches a mint facility of the US Treasury, a ruthless gang of thieves takes the opportunity to get their hands on $600million. Unfortunately for treasury agent Casey, she’s the only one who knows the code. Luckily, she also knows how to handle gun, and her unlikely ally, Will, just might know how to turn this storm in their favour.

Who plans a heist during a hurricane?

With Hurricane Heist, Deadly Disasters and Storm Chasers, you will be blown away by the biggest storms on DStv this month.

Disaster movies were a lot more fun before deadly storms became a regular occurrence along coastlines in our part of the world, but whether it’s a hurricane, a cyclone or a typhoon (tip: the only difference is where in the world they occur), there’s no denying the awe-inspiring power of these cataclysmic events.

From doccies to movies, and even kids’ programming and sport, it’s a howler of a month on the box, so whether these epic storms terrify or exhilarate you (from afar), batten down the hatches and hunker down on the couch with us.

The Hurricane Heist

Heist movie meets disaster flick in this non-stop action film that will have you on the edge of your seat from tense start to full-adrenalin finish. When a tropical storm approaches a federal reserve facility in the sleepy coastal town of Gulfport, a ruthless gang of thieves seizes the opportunity to stage a $600 million heist. Unfortunately for treasury agent Casey, the thieves know she’s the only one who has the code to the vault. Unfortunately, the storm’s about to be upgraded to a category five hurricane, and the heist is heading straight into it. Luckily, Casey knows how to handle herself in a life-threatening pinch, and she finds an unlikely ally in a Will, a frightened meteorologist whose brother has been taken hostage by the thieves, and who just might know how to use this storm to their advantage.

Watch Hurricane Heist on Sunday 19 May on M-Net (101) at 20:05
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Hurricane (Ouragan)

This immersive documentary explodes onto the small screen, taking us right into the centre of a category four cyclone, chasing 200km winds across 12 countries. Follow tropical storm Lucy from its ominous birth as a sandstorm in Senegal, then watch it tear across the Atlantic to reach its furious peak as it slams into the Caribbean. Produced in collaboration with NASA, this doccie gets right into the storm, seeing it through the eyes of the people and animals on the ground, from the operations rooms of disaster agencies, and from space.

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Deadly Disasters

This episode looks at two of the most destructive storms of this century: Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, and Hurricane Katrina, which crippled the US Gulf Coast in 2005.

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Hurricane Man

This documentary series follows hurricane chaser Josh Morgerman and his team as they fearlessly (or foolishly) go where … well, let’s face it, no truly sane person would willingly go. But that’s great news for us because we get to see some of the worlds biggest and meanest storms up close, from the safety of the couch. In this episode, Hurricane Florence ravages North Carolina, and Josh and Olli need to get to an emergency shelter when Super Typhoon Mangkhut hits the Philippines.

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Storm Chasers

This instalment sees meteorologist Josh Wurman and IMAX film-maker Sean Casey go after an enormous rotating thunderstorm, also known as a mesocyclone, in the Canadian River Valley, but the rough terrain could stop them from getting anywhere near it … or make their quest even more dangerous.

Watch Storm Chasers on Friday 18 May on Discovery Family (136) at 12:40
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Rig 45

Just before Christmas, an insurance investigator is sent to a rig in the North Sea to look into a fatal accident on board. But the rig is hit by a hurricane, cutting off all communications, and turning this eight-part mini-series into a riveting thriller when it becomes clear the death was no accident.

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Imagine that you could control the weather, around the world, every day, using climate control satellites! Rain when you need it, sun when you want it … brilliant, right? Now imagine that the satellites malfunction, triggering natural disasters of end-days proportions. Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), the system’s inventor, doesn’t have to imagine it in this escapist sci-fi disaster movie. He just has to find out who’s turning the weather into a weapon … before it’s too late for all of us.

Watch Geostorm on Saturday 18 May on M-Net Movies Action+ (106) at 06:45
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Fireman Sam: Heroes of the Storm

In this animated 60-minute special, Fireman Sam and the firefighting team must jump to the rescue when emergency calls come in from all over, and it’ll be up to them to save the town of Pontypandy when a hurricane warning is issued.

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Hurricanes v Jaguares

The Hurricanes will be storming Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand, where they’ll meet Jaguares in Round 14 of the Vodacom Super Rugby.

Watch on Friday 17 May on SuperSport 1 (201) at 09:30 »