The We Bare Bears movie is here at last, this week on Sunday, 29 November on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 16:05.

Laidback bear bros Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear annoy the whole of San Francisco while they’re trying to go viral yet again.

During a town meeting about their beary bad behaviour, evil Agent Trout of Wildlife Control (a stand-in in the story for the US’s ICE: Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency) promises to help the city with the bear problem – by deporting the 3 brothers. Sensing cruel separation in their future, the Bear Bros decide to escape together and take an epic roadtrip up to their new home across the border, Canada, with Wildlife Control hot on their heels.

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Prepare to Bear!

Now it’s time to prepare the kids for an epic viewing experience. We’ve studied the educational material (our favourite episodes of We Bare Bears) and learnt from the pros like Grizz. When he wants to sit down for some screen time, Grizz has a plan:

  1. Crack open the animal crackers or your sweet snacky snacks of choice and fill a bowl
  2. Pour out your favourite drink
  3. It’s summer, so turn on that fan and make your viewing room deliciously cool
  4. Have your Extreme Comfort cushion ready for your tush and wiggle in
  5. Fire up the laptop or your TV
  6. Gather your friends and Bear buddies
  7. Start shovelling those snacks in your face
  8. Watch and learn

Just check out Grizz in action at the start of this “road trip with no phones” clip from We Bare Bears: The Movie, in which the Bears (well, just Grizz) get ideas when they see the preview for a hardcore wilderness reality show.

The Bear necessities

But for the ultimate We Bare Bears: The Movie viewing experience, DStv and Cartoon Network (DStv 301) have prepared a Beary special set of downloadable party crafts. If you have access to a printer, you can really make Sunday a funday for your whole troop.

The We Bare Bears Watch Party kit includes:

  • Grizz, Ice Bear and Panda face masks
  • A Popcorn Box
  • A giant, printable movie ticket suitable for your bear paws
  • Bear crowns
  • Bear photo booth props including sushi roll, Bobba tea, and Panda’s head on a stick – so your kids can go bear on the whole experience and remember their special day they had together
  • Bunting featuring the bears’ faces, stress, snacks and cute cupcakes to decorate your We Bare Bears viewing area and your photo booth
  • We Bare Bears: The Movie Bingo Card – This will reward the kids who’re paying attention, as well as giving a couple of hints as to what to expect. Mark off five things you see in a row, a column, or a full diagonal and it’s Bingo, you’re the winner. Your reward? Maybe one of those We Bare bears crowns. Things to look out for include clones of Panda and Ice Bear, a Car Chase, A Mega Bear Stack, Dinosaurs, Ice Bear in the Arctic and more.

Sneak peeks

If you want to check out bits of the movie for yourself to make sure it’s right for your kids, or you’d like to start getting them excited about the big Watch Party, check out these We Bare Bears: The Movie clips…

The Bears kidnap Chloe’s professor Uh oh, it’s ultimate peril when the Bears snatch Chloe’s professor as a favour to her, and he starts playing on Panda’s weaknesses to turn him against his brothers so he can escape.

Grizzly Bear is in trouble Grizz finds just the way to calm down Ice Bear and Panda after they go feral in the woods

There’s more to the story

While this movie officially marked the end of the We Bare Bears Series at the end of S5 (we’re just up to S4 in South Africa), this is not the end of the tale for the Bears. We Baby Bears S1 will be coming to South Africa in November 2021. The prequel-ish series features baby versions of Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear (drawn in a more anime style), who’re looking for a place to fit in and settle down. Via their magical box, they’ll explore all sorts of fairy tale lands and meet famous storybook characters.

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