Flaring tempers, stubborn staff and poorly cooked food are three things that really grate Gordon Ramsay’s cheese. But he’s not one to simply throw in the towel. Instead, this chef is willing to lend his time and considerable expertise to transform these restaurants – but will the owners be willing to spend 24 hours with Gordon?

What to expect in season two of 24 Hours to Hell and Back

A tour of the US

From New Orleans in the south, to Pennsylvania in the north and all the way to Los Angeles on the other side of the country, the second season introduces viewers to more of the States and its varied cuisines. Mexican, Italian and Southern restaurants will all come under Gordon’s eagle eye – add the ones that survive to your US road trip itinerary!

Familiar faces

A few well-known people pop up in season two of 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Look out for a MasterChef judge, a footballer and a Gordon Ramsay impersonator among them.

It’s a first

Season two brings the first truly hostile takeover, the first restaurant to be renamed and the first time Gordon’s cover is blown!

Family drama

Of course, one of the biggest reasons any reality show of Gordon Ramsay’s is so addictive is the over-the-top theatrics – and 24 Hours to Hell and Back doesn’t disappoint. Feuding fathers and sons, husbands and wives who don’t see eye to eye, and daughters who refuse to listen… tensions run high in these kitchens and Gordon Ramsay witnesses it all when he goes undercover.

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back S2 starts on 28 January on BBC Lifestyle (174) at 20:00

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