White sandy beaches, year-long sunshine … who wouldn’t want to turn the ultimate holiday destination into their permanent home? In Bahamas Life, home seekers from the US have decided to make that move. But as anyone who has moved house before knows, relocating is stressful – no matter your destination.

What is Bahamas Life about?

Prospective homebuyers will share their journeys as they pack up life in big-city America to make their island dream a reality. From where exactly in the Bahamas they want to set up house to what exactly that house will look like, they’ll give viewers an insider’s look into what it takes.


Who will enjoy Bahamas Life

Anyone who loves travelling will enjoy watching the blunders and joys that come with moving to another country. And if you’re a restless wanderer who is restricted to armchair travel right now, Bahamas Life will give you a sense of hope – and perhaps inspire you to start planning your own island vacation (or even relocation!).

Bahamas Life starts Sunday 12 April on HGTV (177) at 19:50

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