If you love The Great British Bake Off, don’t miss this spin-off on BBC Lifestyle (174). This time around, it’s the professionals showing off their skills.

There are few shows that get viewers’ mouths watering as much as The Great British Bake Off. And when the professionals enter the kitchen, we really sit up and pay attention. The professionals are experienced pastry chefs from all areas of the food industry – from high-end hotels to supermarkets and even the armed forces. They’ll work in teams to produce the most enticing, beautifully constructed cakes and bakes in the spin-off series Bake Off – the Professionals on BBC Lifestyle (174) this month.

Here are the hosts and judges you’ll get to see, all of whom you’ll recognise from season three.

Liam Charles: Co-host

Co-host Liam’s Great British Bake Off journey started in 2017, when he entered the competition as a contestant. After showcasing his talents, Liam returned the following year – this time to Bake Off: The Professionals, as a host.

Tom Allen: Host

Tom is a comedian who’s been in the biz since 2005 when he won the British stand-up comedy competition So You Think You’re Funny.

Cherish Finden: Judge

Executive pastry chef Cherish is known as much for her frank criticisms as for her baking skills. She has won many awards and was part of the winning team at the 2000 Culinary Olympics.

Benoit Blin: Judge

Head pastry chef Benoit is an experienced judge. He has evaluated events such as the UK Pastry Open and the British Culinary Federation Chef Competition.

The Great British Bake Off: A glossary

We don’t just watch it for the culinary delights – The Great British Bake Off has taught us most of what we know in the kitchen. Thanks to the judges’ culinary skills, we’re more than able to talk the talk. Here are some of our favourite terms:

  • Soggy bottom: A moist pie or tart crust – an utter no-no in Mary Berry’s books.
  • A good bake: The perfect offering – not overdone or underdone, with the correct moisture levels and flavouring – the result being a handshake from Paul.
  • Saucy puds: This goes by many names in South Africa, most often referring to a chocolate fondant, although it can be any sponge cake with a molten centre.
  • Baps: This term has quite a few meanings outside of the kitchen (not all age appropriate!), but in the Great British Bake Off kitchen, it refers to rolls stuffed with various fillings.
  • Frangipane: Often taken to be the same thing as marzipan as they’re both made with ground almonds, frangipane is a cream of a spreadable consistency. Marzipan, on the other hand, is the pliable paste associated with wedding cakes.

Watch Bake Off: The Professionals on Mondays on BBC Lifestyle (174) at 20:00.
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