Accept a couple or lose a child. It’s a tough choice, but in some relationships, that’s what it comes down to. Three couples from Atlanta, whose family members disapprove of their romance, are taking part in a social experiment that’ll attempt to resolve their underlying issues before they tie the knot in reality show Bride And Prejudice: Forbidden Love. Throughout the four-week experiment, Married At First Sight’s relationship expert, Pastor Calvin Roberson, will attempt to help the couples resolve the conflicts that they have with their loved ones. And at the end, the couples will have to decide once and for all whether they’ll go against their families’ wishes and get married. Or if blood is thicker than water, they will go their separate ways.

It might seem simple for the couples to disown their disapproving family members and start afresh in another city, around people who’ll accept their romance. But mostly the couples are desperate for their loved ones’ acceptance despite their religious, ethnic and age differences. They’d like to prove that their love conquers all. Meet the couples…

Blair and Chris

While Chris (31) deeply loves and respects his girlfriend, Blair (28), her mother Kelly has been against their relationship from the word go. According to Kelly, the engineering technician isn’t good enough for her daughter because he has tattoos all over his body and rides a motorcycle. Furthermore, she doesn’t like that he is half-Korean and half-white. “I have a problem with Chris being part Asian. It’s a Communist country,” says Kelly. Only-child Blair is caught in the middle of the drama, and she’ll be forced to choose between her mom or the love of her life, Chris.

Kiandria and Kareem

The age gap between Kiandria aka Kee Kee (27) and her boyfriend, Kareem (23) ,isn’t the only thing that her family condemns. They don’t think that Kareem is ready to be a parent to Kee Kee’s six-year-old son, Demone – and they also don’t believe that he is mature enough to start a family with her. The couple might care about each other and share intense chemistry, but with her family turning up their nose at their relationship, Kee Kee and Kareem are at a crossroads.

Willi and Cameron

Willi (24) and her fiancé, Cameron (28), don’t mind that they’re from different religious backgrounds. She’s Jewish and he is Christian, which has never been an issue, but with the wedding date approaching, her parents insist that Cameron converts to Judaism. “I’m going to tell you right now, that’s never going to happen,” says an annoyed Cameron. The couple are faced with having serious conversations about their faith before walking down the aisle. Is it Christmas or Hanukkah that they’ll be celebrating during the holiday season?

Bride And Prejudice: Forbidden Love starts Tuesday, 23 June Lifetime (DStv 131) at 21:00

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