Presenter Tim Shaw and master mechanic Fuzz Townshend have their hands full in the brand-new season of Car SOS. They face restoration projects plagued with chronic rust, hard-to-find parts and broken engines. Word on the street is that this season they work on the worst case they’ve ever had. But that’s never stopped these petrol heads from making motor dreams come true.

How the show works

The duo saves decaying vintage cars from owners who haven’t been able to look after their four-wheeled friends because of medical or financial reasons. Nominated by loved ones, the unsuspecting owners have no idea that Tim and Fuzz have towed their cars and are working around the clock to bring their worse-for-wear vehicles back to life for a surprise reveal.

More about the presenters

Tim is known as the blagger – he sources parts for a bargain or secures a little extra on the side to help the restoration project. Tim rose to fame as a radio DJ. At the age of 12, he was certified as a creative genius and was awarded a scholarship in engineering at Oxford a few years later.

Fuzz has worked as a mechanic since a young age when he first apprenticed with a local bus company. He is also the former drummer for rock band Pop Will Eat Itself and was nicknamed Fuzz in school because of his afro. His real name is John. He owns the garage in Birmingham where the series is filmed.

What to look out for in season eight

The on-screen banter between Tim and Fuzz is worth tuning in for. Not to mention the beautiful classic cars. Some of the models revamped this season include Mitsubishi, Healey, Hillman, Lancia, Lotus and Austin. It turns out that Tim is “most excited” about the Porsche 356C restoration. And there will be tears. Even the presenters cry. Just wait for the big reveal when the deserving owners see how their garage-bound jalopies have been transformed for the open road.

Car SOS S8 starts Tuesday 17 March on National Geographic (181) at 20:00

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