The 90 Day Fiancé franchise introduced us to 40-something and fabulous identical twins Darcey and Stacey Silva in the Before The 90 Days series. Both ladies have a taste for younger, hot guys but they’re so over looking for hot singles in their area. The twins love their romance with a hint of foreign flavour.

Before, The 90 Days explored all Darcey’s drama with Dutch fitness guru Jesse Meester, then British businessman Tom Brooks, which went up in flames spectacularly during season 4 (trying to derail an argument by asking if your girlfriend has put on weight? Tom is cancelled), so she’s back to being single. And Stacey starts off her journey in their brand-new TLC (DStv 135) show Darcey & Stacey this September waiting for her Albanian fiancé and boyfriend of 5 years, Florian Sukaj, to enter the US. The good news for Stacey is that his visa has been approved and he’ll be arriving in episode 1.

"I've had a long journey with relationships and now that I've fully concluded my Jesse and Tom stories, I am finally excited about what the future holds. I am at a stage in my life where I am happy with my life, and I'm staying strong for me and my daughters and my family. And I'm so excited to dive deeper into our family life on the new show, past, present and future," says Darcey.

Family business

The Parents: Darcey & Stacey will introduce the ladies’ parents, Mike and Nana, who’ve been divorced for 14 years now. “I can't wait for audiences to meet my mom, she's a riot! We all call her Nana, and she's been so helpful to Darcey and me. Our father, the patriarch of our family, is someone we've always looked up to. It's really special that we will be able to show them off in our new show," says Stacey. Mike will be giving any man dating his daughters a thorough vetting, so expect some uncomfortable times around the dinner table coming soon!

The Kids: Stacey has 2 teenaged sons, Mateo and Parker, from her first marriage with Yugoslavian soccer player Goran Vasic. They’re unlikely to be on the show as Stacey is the more private twin. Darcey also has 2 kids – teenaged daughters Aspen and Aniko with her ex-husband, rapper-turned-real estate agent Frank Bollock. We’ll see Aspen and Aniko now and then in the series. “They're gems on the show; they're really good kids. They're very smart, they're very level-headed. They have a good judge of character. They're fun, they're teenagers, they're into social media and TikTok, just loving life. You guys get to see them grow up and they're becoming beautiful young ladies,” says Darcey.

The Men

As the series begins, Stacey is engaged to her long-time friend Florian Sukaj, from Albania. And from early on in the series, Darcey will be making heart-eyes at Bulgarian Georgi Rusev. Both sisters met their men on Instagram (and if you do a little social snooping yourself, you’ll find out exactly where Stacey and Florian’s relationship is headed). “Georgi is an amazing guy, and I'm happy to see where the future goes, and I'm really excited to share this journey with our loved ones. He's been a great support throughout, and understanding my past and his past. He's sexy, he's hot, he's Bulgarian! There's a lot of stuff there and it's exciting. I'm happy to share that with you guys as well, and I'm just looking forward to seeing how it goes,” says Darcey.

But the twins have drama on their doorstep when social media posts indicate that neither man sees them as his one and only. “You know what? There's no relationship that's perfect. You'll see the issues that I go through. But I stay strong, and I'm a strong woman. I love to love, just like Darcey. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, so you'll definitely get to see the whole journey. Just know that whatever happens, I'm good,” adds Stacey.

At home with the Silva twins

Darcey and Stacey still do everything together, and call their lifelong understanding of one another their “Twintuition”. They buy identical furniture and cars, and even got married and had kids in the same years, and got divorced on the same day. When Darcey & Stacey begins, they’re living together with their kids in the same house.

Darcey and Stacey run their own production company, Eleventh Entertainment, with their dad, Mike. And they co-own and model for the clothing brand House Of Eleven. So any man who marries into the clan had better love the sister… but not that way. And as we’ve seen from all the Before The 90 Days drama, if you’re dating a Silva Twin, the other sister will be playing detective on your socials. Mess up and you’ll be caught out.

Watch Darcey & Stacey S1 from Thursday, 10 September on TLC (DStv 135) at 21:00

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