It’s not easy being rich, and if that sounds elitist, that’s because the upper echelons of New Delhi society aim to be exactly that.

Ten wealthy ladies who don’t shy away from the public eye will let the cameras into their mansions, chateaus and villas and prove that there’s so much more to their lives than just Balenciaga, Versace and Dior – even though designer handbags are a girl’s best friend, after diamonds, of course.

If you love The Real Housewives franchise (and we know you do), then these Delhi Darlings will deliver just the right amount of spice, shade and scandal all the way from the shores of India. These are your darlings, darling.

Who are the ladies

White and gold are Puja Dua’s signature colours, so much so that her entire house is adorned and decorated in those hues.

You will never, ever catch Shalu Jindal re-wearing clothes. She will never be caught dead in an outfit that she’s been seen in before.

Guneet Virdi is an award-winning make-up artist who is as particular about the people she sips sangrias with as she is about which A-lister wedding deserves to be graced by her presence.

Your social event is a failure if the invite list does not include Deepshikha Lungani, who once won the Glamour Mrs India contest. No self-respecting events planner would dare not include this runway queen.

Sona Sharma is a businesswoman and proud owner of a beauty salon. This glamorous grandmother (glammy) is a cancer survivor and because of that, she lives life to the fullest and is unapologetically herself.

Reena Mittal owns an automobile company and loves hosting car showroom events. She’s a fitness bunny and believes in helping others make good sartorial choices.

Seema Gumber owns an events company that caters to India’s high-profile functions and considers herself to be an alpha female.

Rashmi Sachdeva is a former beauty queen who mentors and judges pageant shows.

A fashion designer by profession, Pragati Nagpal loves Indian ethnic wear and her brand creates such apparel.

Shaloo Jindal loves all things stone – with carats obviously! Her favourite sound is listening to her Louboutin heels clicking on the jaw-dropping glass staircase she installed in her mansion.

Delhi Darlings starts on Saturday 18 April on Zee World (166) at 17:00

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