Join the Fear Chasers! In the can’t-look-away new reality series Destination Fear, Dakota Laden and his friends embark on a road trip across America to visit 10 haunted, abandoned locations. Each night the trio is separated and sleep alone to see what might happen…

Here are five things about Destination Fear that you might be too scared to read but really do want to know:

Supernatural travel

This entertaining and mesmerising new show is a clever blend of cult drama series The X-Files and scare-fest film The Blair Witch (with some travel thrown in for good measure) in which Dakota and his mates drive to terrifying, abandoned places with a brutal past. From an abandoned prison, haunted hospital, cursed and empty sanatoriums and asylums, to an abandoned hotel where there used to be a lot of suicides, they go in … and spend a night inside!

No tricks

It is not to be confused with the 2012 series of the same name which also visited scary places but secretly tricked people by playing pranks on the unsuspecting visitors. In this show, what you see is really what you get – no Halloween-type tricks! You should make sure you have a blanket, cushion or your emotional support animal with you for this unpredictable and completely unscripted scare-TV experience.


Meet the Fear Chasers

Dakota and his high school friends call themselves “fear chasers”. Dakota, his sister Chelsea and his friends Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder would hear about scary places and the blood-curling legends and ghost stories associated with these abandoned buildings. They’d overnight there over weekends and film it with hand-held cameras. “We grew up in a house that was haunted. And it wasn’t the kids saying it, it was our parents. That’s where it all started,” says Dakota. Years later their same concept is now a TV show that will raise the hair on your neck when you watch what they experience.

Sleeping on the job

In each scare-location they all lie alone in different rooms and try to sleep, using only walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. They sleep in pitch black rundown rooms. Who knows if something might happen … or if they might suddenly see something move?

Things that go bump in the night

To be completely honest: Things happen. Unexplained things … Scary, shocking things … Absolutely none of this is made up. There is a moment in a brutal prison where the film crew record Dakota being attacked by something in the dark. And yes … in another episode something big moves …

Destination Fear starts on Friday 6 March on Travel Channel (179) at 21:10

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