Dr. Pimple Popper is Back

Behind The Pops, Clogs And Pores

Anyone who has acne is likely to tell you that they’d try anything to get rid of it. But, more often than not, popping your pimples yourself can do you more harm than good.

In this series we will relive the best pops, biggest lumps and juiciest lipomas that Dr. Sandra Lee has treated. Cutting through the most unique, tough and tumorous skin lumps all in the name of giving her patients a second chance.

We take a look back at former patients and many more who are now living their best lives, thanks to Dr. Lee’s treatments, as the series revisits them to see the incredible transformations to their skin.

Face mask, scalpel and tweezers in hand, nothing is too hard for this skin miracle worker. Bursting with pop-up facts and bonus never before aired scenes, from Matt’s skin condition causing tumors to grow all over his body, to Jennifer’s unicorn bump on her forehead and Taylor’s lump on her backside, one thing is guaranteed – all these patients are now happier than when they first walked through the clinic’s doors.

The new season will go beyond the surface to deal with and cure troublesome skin conditions for good. Don’t miss Dr Pimple Popper: The Poppy Bowl on TLC (DStv 135) from Friday, 7 June at 20:00.

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