If you’re looking for a recap of the day’s entertainment news that’s filled with wit, pizazz and laughter, variety talk show E! News: Daily Pop should be at the top of your watch list.

Each day, outspoken and funny co-hosts Justin Sylvester, Morgan Stewart and Carissa Culiner discuss topics that have either broken the internet or are trending on gossip blogs. They even break stories on the live show. Their style of presenting is more of a commentary than a news report as they speak their minds and hold nothing back.

Recently, Justin and guest panellists deliberated over actor Armie Hammer being spotted on dates with different 2 women on the same day, following his split from his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, in June this year. When Justin was asked to weigh in with an opinion, he told it as he saw it: “Listen, Armie is on the rebound and he’s trying to find his footing. The other thing is that he changed his outfit [before his next date]. So, I’m a fan,” he joked.

“Our show is like putting a camera in front of 3 friends during a gossip session while we have dinner. The news is too juicy, and the tea is always hot. There’s no other show like this on television, and I love that we say things that people are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud,” explains Justin. Read on as he dishes out all the details about hosting Daily Pop.

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Lights, camera, action!

As fun as it looks for the team to report the news from their stylish studio overlooking Los Angeles, a lot of research work goes in before filming the live talk show.

“We usually arrive at the studio at 6AM for our news meeting. It’s what you’d expect newsrooms to look like. We pitch plenty of stories and package them in order of importance. Every day is an adventure, as you don’t know what celebrities are going to do overnight. Because you know how it goes, once you think you have figured them out, they always find a way to outdo themselves,” explains 33-year-old Justin.

After hair and make-up, it’s off to the set and the team goes live at 9AM. “There’s a lot of anxiety leading up to that moment when the cameraman screams out ‘action’. There aren’t any reviews or takes. It’s live. There are times when we interview celebrities or report their arrests, or even their deaths. People aren’t only expecting us to bring the facts, but also report them as timely as possible. Those are the moments when I think, ‘This is why I love my job and do what I do’,” says Justin.

Living his truth

From commenting on a celebrity’s new haircut or their choice of style, Justin never forgets to throw a bit of shade here and there. But how far is too far? “My goal is to never make my mother embarrassed. She’s a Southern woman, so it doesn’t take a lot to make her blush,” says Justin. “There are ways to tell people that you disapprove of their actions while sounding nice. When celebrities mess up, we talk about those blunders on the show, but we also keep in mind that no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes.”

Justin acknowledges that sometimes he can go over the boundary and say something that might rub some people the wrong way. But when that happens, he is reminded to continue in his candid approach. “The reality is that I’m not on the show to make everyone happy. I’m not afraid to speak what is on my mind because I was hired to be myself. I’m encouraged to be as authentic and truthful as I can be, no matter the consequence. I’m lucky that I’m a black gay man, as we get away with saying a lot of things.”

The dream team

Daily Pop also promotes diverse viewpoints and inclusivity from the hosts. They’re all from different worlds but together, they gel and create entertaining, good conversation. “If you’re a mother and you’ve had a tough day but don’t want to say it, Carissa will say it on your behalf. If you’re a woman going through a divorce and you want to start your life afresh, it’s fine, Morgan will be that [voice] for you. Finally, if you’re a black gay man, scared to live in the US during this political climate but you don’t want to speak up because you don’t want to alienate anyone, that’s totally fine too, I will scream it every, single day for you,” insists Justin.

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