Looking for love? With a little help from your friends

In Finding The One, three friends tackle their toughest challenge yet - playing matchmaker!

Finding The One puts a fresh spin on traditional dating approaches and turns the search for love into a team sport, inviting family members, friends, colleagues and the like to join in on the matchmaking fun!

How it works

The focus of the series is on singletons who haven't had much success in their search for love. Three trusted allies join forces to tackle a challenge abounding with pitfalls: playing matchmaker! They sift through numerous potential candidates on behalf of their searching suitor and take them through a series of appraisals. The candidates have to endure group dates, hard-hitting questions and even home snoops! All in an attempt to score their adored single friend a date with their perfect match.

Here's the big question that will be answered for contestants during the course of the show: Do your "teammates" know you as well as they think they do and do they have a clue what's best for you, even if you don't? There are bound to be hits, misses and foul play.

The search for love is a serious business, but should always come with a healthy dollop of laughter. Cue in funnyman Rob van Vuuren, who will provide running commentary on proceedings. It's a team sport after all!

First dates Dos & Don’ts

1. Don't be late

First impressions do matter and punctuality is a major thumbs up in anyone's book. Try to arrive at least 10 minutes early. This will also help you calm the nerves and check out the scene. Your date is sure to appreciate you being on time, so you already score a point there!

2. Don't bad-mouth your exes

Trust us, no one likes a snitch or hater. Don't go there! Rather focus on yourself and your date. Use the time to get to know each other, instead of bashing your past lovers. This will just create a bad impression and might even have your date going, "cheque please!" If you are asked about your past relationships, keep it vague, you can always go deeper at a later stage if need be.

3. Don't lie

So that thing about "it's just a little white lie", is a lie! Just be yourself, don't lie about your career, your past, or your hobbies. You want to present the truest version of yourself. After all, people should like you for you, right? Don't be caught as a liar-liar pants on fire, on your first date!

4. Don't overdress

Now, this may depend on the venue and the time the date takes place. However, you still want to present the best and most natural version of you. If you're not a suit guy, don't rock up looking like James Bond; and if you're not a big makeup girl, don't go all Harley Quinn, rather settle for the more natural look. You certainly don't want your date wondering "who this" on your second date...if you get there.

5. Don't do all the talking

Listening is very important and keeping the conversation flowing is key. Ask questions and allow your date to answer. Don't brag just about yourself and make it a ME fest. You're bound to have more fun if both parties are having the chance to express themselves.

The Do's 

1. Do choose a neutral venue/activity

So yes, everyone is different, but if your date is into skydiving and you can barely make it to the third floor at work without cringing, then let's face it, that's one first date that's going to go drastically wrong. Rather choose an activity or place that you both enjoy and are comfortable with. You can always get out of your comfort zone and try new things together on the dates to follow.

2. Do maintain eye contact

Stare longingly into your date's eyes and have them smitten...just kidding! It's very important to make eye contact when having a conversation with the other person. This helps to put things at ease and helps create connections. Remember sometimes our eyes can speak more than we do.

3. Do take your time

Dating is not a rush and go kind of thing. Take your time and get to know the other person. Don't feel rushed or pressured to say or do anything you don't want to. Phil Collins said it best, "you can't hurry love, you've just got to wait." This might also take the pressure off the other person too!

4. Do tell jokes/have a sense of humour

Ok, so we don't mean go all crazy-corny on the first day. That's a big no, no. But do try to bring in some humour to loosen things up a bit. If you're not a funny person, just try some wit and do laugh at the other person's jokes. Who knows, you might laugh your way into their hearts.

5. Do be direct

Be upfront about what you want and are expecting. Your date should know your intentions upfront and vice versa. This way you both know what you're getting yourselves into and if you wish to take it further.

So there you have it! Tips that might score you that second date, and maybe wedding bells ringing in the near future.

Tune in to see how the game of love unfolds!

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