You might recognise Howie Mandel as one of the judges in America’s Got Talent. In this show, he goes back to his roots and gets to share his own amazing talent – the one that made him famous to start with – stand-up comedy. Sit back and enjoy this hilarious special.

Would the real Howie please stand up?

From stand-up to acting to hosting and judging and back to stand-up, Howie Mandel always has the last laugh.

He’s famous for hosting the game show Deal or No Deal and for judging America’s Got Talent, but the hilarious Howie’s journey started with amateur gigs at a comedy club in downtown Los Angeles. And now he’s back, doing what he does best with his one man Just For Laughs special. Here are seven things we bet you didn’t know about Howie:

  • Howie’s sense of humour developed early. He was expelled from high school after impersonating a school official and hiring a construction company to build an additional block in the school.
  • All famous celebrities once had odd jobs, right? Howie once worked as a carpet salesman. We’re guessing he liked the red ones best.
  • Then again, maybe not. Howie is colour blind, and once said of his carpet salesman days: "There were a lot of ugly homes in Toronto because of me."
  • For a time, his stand-up act included placing a latex glove over his head and inflating it by blowing through his nose. (He doesn’t do this trick anymore – it resulted in him developing a perforated sinus.)
  • He was once an opening act for Diana Ross. Before one of her live shows in Las Vegas, Howie did a comedy stint to warm up the audience.
  • Howie is a germophobe, with a very short attention span. He has spoken publicly about his ADHD and OCD. So severe is his obsessive compulsive disorder that during America’s Got Talent, he has voted off contestants whose acts “spread germs”. Bless you, Howie.
  • His autobiography is aptly titled “Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me”. Touché .

Howie Mandel JFL Stand Up Special starts on Friday 31 May on Comedy Central (122) at 22:00