After 14 years and 20 seasons of mayhem that have spawled into several spin-off shows, America’s notorious family of influencers are kicking the cameras out of their Malibu mansions to focus on their lavish lives in private, in the final season of reality show phenomenon Keeping Up With The Kardashian (KUWTK), Sundays on E! (DStv channel 124) at 19:05.

There’s never a dull moment in the KarJenners’ lives. They’ve given viewers front row seats into their sibling rivalry, fairy-tale weddings that have ended in heart-wrenching divorces and, of course, plenty of births. If older sisters Kourtney (42) and Kim (40) aren’t fighting over a designer dress that they’d like to both wear for a celebrity event, then their younger sister Khloe (36) is trying to whip their brother, Rob (34), in shape. Or they are simply unwinding on a private beach with their momager, Kris (65), and their half-sisters, Kendall (25) and Kylie (23). They are never afraid to put their personal lives on display.

Out with a bang

S20 hasn’t been any different. Considering that they’re moving to the next chapters of their lives, they’re planning to go out with a bang!

Apart from Kris making amends with her athlete-turned-socialite spouse, transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner, fans can look forward to seeing Kim and her musician (now-ex) husband Kanye West’s divorce play out in real life. It will be a bittersweet moment since viewers followed their relationship from when the couple started dating in S7 (2012) and Kanye traded Kim’s outdated closet for one that would be admired by fashionistas. Kim and Kanye also filmed their proposal in S9 (2014), and while their wedding wasn’t aired on the reality show, they shared highs and lows of their marriage. So, clear those diaries. Grab your favourite cocktail and prepare to watch as Kimye comes to a close.

Another aspect that viewers can look forward to is seeing Kourtney and her babydaddy, Scott Disick (37), officially call it quits following 15 years of their on-and-off romance.

“This is probably the saddest moment. Saying goodbye to the [family] is something that I never thought that I’d never have to do,” says E! presenter Katleho Sinivasan. “I thought that the reality show would exist forever. So, I’m deeply saddened to see reality TV royalty leave our screens. I don’t know what we are going to do without them! Their message has always been ‘be your authentic, true self but always level it up. Usually, people say, be yourself and they just leave it there. The Kardashians said: Be yourself but be fabulous and extreme – and make them eat it. They’ve fed the people, nourishment,” adds Katleho with a laugh.

A reunion worth the wait

As Katleho mentions, the KarJenners always take it up a notch. Whether it’s on the red carpet or in their reality show, they pull out all the stops. And the much-anticipated reunion special won’t be any different. They’ve invited talkshow guru Andy Cohen to host their get-together.

“We’re going to cover all 20 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in a kind of Housewives-style reunion show,” Andy Cohen reveals. “Nothing’s off-limits with this crew. I don’t know if I can even say when we’re filming it, but we’re filming it.”

Speaking about the finale, E!’s Celebrity Game Night co-host Ayanda Thabethe explains that she is going to miss the reality show and the KarJenner sisters. “They are the beginning and end all of a wonderful area of our lives, which is technology. Be it entertainment and social media, they taught us to build empires and to be unapologetically ourselves. I will absolutely miss those queens,” says Ayanda.

Roxy Burger shares Ayanda’s sentiments. “It’s sad to say goodbye to the KarJenners. They are pop culture phenomenons, and they brought a new style of reality television, which no one had ever seen before. It’s going to be weird not having them in my home on a Sunday night,” admits Roxy, adding that the sisters have inspired her throughout the years. “I’m in awe of the business empire that they’ve created. They are amazing.”

What’s next for the KarJenners?

The KarJenners are the gift that keeps giving. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has birthed spin-off shows like Kourtney & Kim Take New York (2011-2012), which followed the sisters as they set up their clothing store Dash in the Big Apple. There was also I Am Cait (2015-2016), which documented Caitlyn’s transition to becoming a transgender woman. Because they enjoy the attention, and they’ve also signed a deal with Hulu, we might be seeing their ever-changing faces again soon. While Kendall and Kylie have stated that they won’t be part of any reality shows in the future, here’s what we’d like to see from the Kardashian siblings and their momager… It’s fantasy time!

Kris’s next chapter

Not only is Kris the matriarch of the family, she’s also the architect behind her daughters’ multi-million dollar brands. This woman has her fingers in plenty of pots. There have been talks about Kris joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Quite frankly, she’d fit into the franchise. She lives in Calabasas, Los Angeles. She’s strong, independent and she’s in a fun relationship with her much-younger boyfriend, Corey Gamble, which is worth the watch. “I think down the line, that would be great,” says Real Housewives franchise creator Andy Cohen.

Love in store?

Throughout the final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney and Scott have found a middle ground while co-parenting. They’ve also mentioned conceiving baby number 4, but that might not happen as Kourtney recently started dating Blink 182 rockstar Travis Barker. From the looks of it, Travis and Kourtney are going strong. We’d like to continue seeing her juggle running her lifestyle website Poosh, co-parenting with Scott, and falling in love again.

Since they work so well together, Kourtney could partner with Scott and assist him renovate houses on his spin-off reality show Flip It Like Disick.

Case Closed with Kim

Besides running a billion-dollar beauty brand, Kim is also studying to be a lawyer. We’d like to see her solve criminal cases in a reality show of her own. She proved to have the skills when she met with former US President Trump in 2018 to discuss granting clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

Khloe’s (messy) love life

Out of all the sisters, Khloe has the most interesting life, period. That’s because her relationship with her basketball player babydaddy Tristan Thompson has been in the spotlight since the paparazzi caught him cheating on her days before she gave birth to their daughter, True (3). Khloe and Tristan recently rekindled their romance, to many of her fans’ displeasure. And despite his past infidelity, the pair are discussing growing their family. Seeing Khloe and Tristan mend their trust issues and conceive another baby would keep fans on their toes and glued to the screens. Khloe has also ventured out into the fitness world in her own spin-off reality show, Revenge Body With Khloe, as she helps viewers get their dream bodies. She can always continue with that…

Rob pulling up his socks

Although Rob is known as the younger brother who merely rides his sisters’ wave, he proved that his life is of interest on his reality show, Rob & Chyna (2016), which detailed his turbulent relationship with his babymama, socialite and model Black Chyna, during her pregnancy. This time round, he can focus on growing his sock company Arthur George, in which viewers might see him standing on his own and hanging out with his daughter Dream (4).

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