What we’ve learnt from the Kardashians

Can you believe that it’s been 17 years since they first strutted their perfectly spray-tanned legs and welcomed us into their lavish homes? And throughout the seasons, we’ve religiously kept up with the Kardashians, and seen the clan earn something of a cult following. We’ve witnessed new additions to the family, Kris keeps on winning at being the best mom-ager (mom + manager) of her daughters’ careers and Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn. Yes, we’ve witnessed their much-publicised milestones and season 18 promises to pack a punch, quite literally.

The family’s rise to fame and longevity in this fickle entertainment industry is something of a legend in itself. Who knew that a little tryst caught on camera would thrust the entire family into the limelight, to become global influencers whose voices carry so much weight? When Kim announced she was following in her father, Rob Kardashian’s footsteps, and joined the legal fraternity to request a presidential pardon for a mother in prison, her legal ambitions proved worth the effort. However, to whom much is given, much is expected, and Mrs West knows that when she speaks, people listen. Her 163 million followers on Instagram would agree. That’s more than twice the population of South Africa, by the way.

Ka-shing in

We can’t help but raise a toast to the family’s business acumen as it seems their mantra is: “we all rise to the top and leave no one behind”. All five sisters are businesswomen who know how to use the opportunities offered by their social media followers. It’s all about the big bucks, especially for Kylie Jenner, officially the youngest billionaire to make the Forbes list. With her impressive fan following, she has built a business empire and is the owner of Kylie Cosmetics.

While they may fight on camera, nothing can come between these sisters and their focus, which is to give their fans what they want. Speaking of fights, this season promises its fair share of catty brawls, with two sisters having a good old-fashioned sibling slugfest. It might have turned physical, but that’s neither here nor there because if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from this family, they’ll always make up, in true Kardashian style of course, on a yacht bound for St Tropez probably.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians S18 starts on Sunday 29 March on E! Entertainment (124) at 20:00

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