kykNET shows that love in SA knows no boundaries

Liefde Sonder Grense looks past the sometimes shocking and jarring outside to remind viewers that on the inside, hearts only see love.

You might very well gasp at the people in love who appear on the couch in host Rian van Heerden’s latest show, Liefde Sonder Grense. But it soon becomes clear that true love is blind and more than skin deep.

In his new 13-episode talk show, the well-known 45-year-old radio presenter, who was also the host of Skelmpie on kykNET, takes a look at very different types of people who are in love. Initially, their relationships may seem weird but as you get to understand it more, you will probably find it wonderful … or weirdly wonderful!

Stories range from the hairy to the tall, from the small to the giants, to love that blossomed and endured despite addiction and physical deformity. There’s even a couple with a 35-year age difference and a pair with a 27-year gap who happens to have a baby!

The idea of Liefde Sonder Grense was born out of Skelmpie in 2018, the show in which Rian interviewed people who had had, were having, or had been impacted by affairs to help with the bigger understanding of why people cheat.

The producers noticed that there was profound public reaction and interest in alternative relationships, for example when “swingers” – lovers who date other people – appeared on that show. And so was born a programme about alternative love lifestyles and various romantic relationship types in South Africa that might seem weird and wacky but which deserve a second, deeper look beyond the surface.

Similar to Skelmpie, there is also an in-studio audience for Liefde Sonder Grense. They are very vocal and not shy about sharing their opinions and views of the couples they see and their “odd” relationships.

What Liefde tries to show is that people don’t choose who they fall in love with, that there isn’t just one “type” of love and that ultimately, all that matters is what’s on the inside.

Watch Liefde Sonder Grense on Mondays on kykNET (144) at 20:00.
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