Addictive reality series Love Island S5 is now on M-Net

It’s been the smash-hit summer reality show in the UK for the past five years. Now South Africans get to see what all the fuss is about in season 5.

Love Island sees 12 gorgeous single men and women thrown together in a luxury villa in Spain. As the show progresses, more love seekers are thrown into the mix, and those less successful at finding love are booted out. As Vulture described it, “Love Island is closest in design to Bachelor in Paradise, or sort of like Big Brother if everyone was young, gorgeous, and hooking up all the time.”

Here are a few things you need to know before you watch:

1. The contestants are not shy.

When they say anything goes, they really mean it. Lovers of Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach and Big Brother will be familiar with this kind of reality, where the camera is always on. At certain times in the show, couples have access to a private room, where they can get up to whatever they like. And these contestants are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

As The Guardian said, “The contestants aren’t really on the show to find love. They could easily pop their fake tanned chests on Tinder and await the avalanche of right swipes. What they want is fame. And what better way to get that than by ‘doing bits’ in a hot tub with the aim of becoming one half of the nation’s sweetheart of a couple?” If raunchy scenes in the hot tub aren’t your thing, steer clear of Love Island.

2. Always expect the unexpected. 

Just when you think you’re getting your head around what’s what in the villa, the producers tend to throw a massive spanner in the works. A couple of new girls or guys, for example, or a surprise elimination, or a mystery challenge. It just doesn’t stop.

3. There’s a special language that’s used in the villa.

“Mugged off”, for example, means to be made a fool of by someone who is taking advantage of you and treating you poorly. (This happens a lot). “Pied off” means that someone who was romantically involved with someone gets dumped by that person. “Aggy” means someone is aggravated, aggrieved or just plain angry.

4. It’s hosted by former model and experienced presenter Caroline Flack

Caroline has hosted the UK’s version of The X Factor and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Listen out for hilarious comedian Iain Stirling who does all the voice overs. His sharp wit ensures the Islanders don’t get away with anything.

5. It’s totally addictive.

“Love Island is, it turns out, the entertainment equivalent of crack cocaine. To immerse yourself in such synapse-sucking froth is to cross a line that cannot be uncrossed. It requires commitment on an absurd scale – an hour or more, six nights a week – to keep up with the bed hopping, the tear-stained confessionals and the curious campfire coupling rituals. And yet I am deliciously, unapologetically hooked,” writes Fiona Sturges in The Guardian

Love Island S5 starts on Monday 8 July on M-Net (101) at 23:00 and is on Mondays to Saturdays. 

Can’t get enough of Love Island?

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