Just because family members are related doesn’t mean that they get along. To keep the peace, some merely tolerate each other during Christmas lunches or birthdays, and right after the event, they don’t speak or meet up for coffee until the next family reunion. If they do accidentally run into each other, they’ll walk past or look away – anything to maintain the distance.

The mayhem described above is like an episode of reality show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars – Family Edition 2. Four celebrities from reality shows arrive at the Boot Camp mansion with their dysfunctional families being dragged kicking and screaming. They can’t stand each other, and they certainly don’t respect each other, but they’re trying to change that by addressing and resolving their conflicts. It might look like they are at a point of no return, but with hosts and counsellors Dr Ish Major and Dr Venus Nicolino’s guidance, these families are hoping to work through their differences and leave the mansion tighter than ever. But if their issues aren’t fixed during their two-week stay, they’re going to cut ties for good. Looks like Boot Camp is their last hope.

One a scale of wigs snatched – 1 wig being mildly dramatic, and 5 being all the drama – we’re rating this season by breaking down the baggage that the families are carrying into Boot Camp. Prepare to be snatched bald!


The Glanvilles

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is desperate to fix her estranged relationship with her father, Guy. She longs for love, affection and acceptance from him, and he’d like nothing but transparency and honesty from her side.

The drama: During a challenge that includes being stuck in a box with dozens of snakes in episode 2, Guy reveals that his daughter was “an escort in New York” during her younger years. Brandi denies the accusation. “If I was going to be a hooker, do you think that I’d tell my father about it?” Brandi screams from the top of her lungs. The father and daughter throw jabs at each other and the argument ends with Brandi in tears.

Rating: 4 wigs snatched! Guy spills all the tea with this one and there’s no way that Brandi can redeem herself, as Guy seems to have all the receipts.


The Grazianos

The first time that reality show star Renee Graziano from Mob Wives was on Boot Camp in S9 (2016), she moved in with her husband, Joey Gambino, to fix their marriage. But she left the mansion alone when they couldn’t see eye to eye.

Now she’s back at Boot Camp with her sisters, Jennifer and Lana, to iron out their problems, which mostly stem from their disturbing childhood and trauma they experienced after they learnt that their father was part of the crime world. Another issue bothering the sisters is Renee’s struggle with drug addiction. It is later revealed that Jen and Lana resent Renee for always dragging them down with her whenever she finds herself in a dark hole. They’re forced to drop their lives and aid her into recovery.

The drama: Renee loses her temper and has a major meltdown in episode 5. The doctors order her to take a drug test when she’s on edge and acts out of character. She walks into the kitchen, throws her plate on the counter and begins yelling and crying. It turns out that she has secretly taken anxiety-management medication Xanax to try to control her nerves. In seconds, she’s going back-and-forth with Jen. “I wake up and I can’t relax. I’m angry! I’m suffering right now. I want to take a pill,” shouts Renee while slamming her fist on the counter.

Rating: 3 wigs snatched. More than anything, it’s painful to watch Renee lose a grip on her addiction.


The Joneses

Viewers were introduced to Chrissy Lampkin and her musician fiancé, Jim Jones, on Love & Hip Hop: New York S1 (2011) as Chrissy didn’t get along with her overbearing mother-in-law Nancy, aka Mama Jones. Seven years have passed and nothing much has changed. Mama Jones still oversteps her mark in her son’s relationship, causing more friction between Chrissy and Jim.

The drama: After their supper in episode 5, while everyone is getting ready for bed, a tipsy Brandi walks over to Jim to stir trouble. She sits on his lap, with Chrissy on the other side of the table. Everyone in the room is uncomfortable, specifically Chrissy, who looks ready for a fight. In true Brandi fashion, she takes it up a notch and twerks in Jim’s face. Chrissy is beyond annoyed. If it isn’t Mama Jones testing her, it has to be Brandi, right?

Rating: 3 wigs snatched. If it wasn’t for Chrissy saying a little prayer and calming herself down, Brandi would be dragged across the room, because Chrissy is one person she shouldn’t cross in the mansion. Just a kind warning, Brandi: Chrissy is notorious for physically attacking her enemies on Love & Hip Hop: New York.


The Portwoods

Original Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant cast member Amber Portwood is a ticking timebomb waiting to explode. She can’t go 5 minutes without shouting at her mom, Tonya, and fiancé, Matt Baier. Tonya believes that Boot Camp isn’t enough to fix her daughter and Matt’s volatile relationship. But Amber thinks that it’s worth a shot.

Drama: Amber fights with everyone at every chance she gets – unprovoked. It’s in her nature. Her most intense brawl is with her mom in episode 6. The Teen Mom accuses Tonya of abandoning her as a kid. “It’s the truth and you can’t handle it. Duh,” says Amber.

Rating: 4 wigs snatched. It gets so heated between the ladies that Tonya walks away before she says or does something she’ll regret.

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