First comes … marriage? 5 Reasons to catch Married at First Sight New Zealand

Another outrageous season of Married at First Sight, this time courtesy of the Kiwis, is heading to our screens this month on Lifetime (131) on DStv.

It’s New Zealander’s turn to get hitched – before even meeting their partners in advance! 12 singletons will be paired up by experts who have analysed their personalities and lives. Six couples will get married, set off on a honeymoon and even meet their in-laws. Will they meet the perfect match – or separate once the honeymoon is well and truly over? The franchise has been making headlines across the globe, and we break down the top five reasons why it’s proved to be such a hit.

1. Cringeworthy kisses

From brides who are literally repulsed by their grooms, to men who feel absolutely “dead” whilst locking lips with their blushing brides, we’re here for every awkward lip-smacking smooch. Go ahead and do a search on YouTube – the compilations will be your tea-time guilty-pleasure.

2. Couple swapping

The Australian series took the franchise to whole new level when they introduced dinner party evenings where all the couples were encouraged to mingle and be merry. And when we say mingle, we mean mingle - from secret texting to actual, PDA-laden dates on the sly (behind their new partners’ backs)! Fans have secretly been loving it when natural attraction seems to trump scientific match-ups.

3. People behaving very badly

When a show has received over 20 000 signatures in a petition to have it taken off the air – you know it’s been ruffling some feathers. Once, again, the Australians seem to have seen the most shocking moments. Whether it’s an all-out girl-fight with wine being poured on people’s heads, or producers having to step in to drag belligerent contentants out of each other’s way, the drama and confrontation is seriously next level.

4. Meddling family members

And you thought your family could be difficult? In the most recent UK season, a father-in-law from hell was forced to publically apologise after dissing his son’s new wife on camera. In Australia in 2017, a bride’s father rudely berated his new son-in-law for being poorly dressed (in cargo shorts, same as the dad was!) forcing him to return to his car and change clothes, in the driveway!

5. You might just see 2 people find true love

Unsurprisingly, the number of couples who decide to make it work after their wedding ceremony isn’t high. The UK series has seen no long-lasting relationships, while the US version has six couples currently still living together after a total of nine seasons.

From the Australian series, Season 2 sweethearts Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr recently celebrated their third anniversary since getting hitched on the show and have revealed plans to tie the knot in real life and start a family. The most recent Season 6 pair to steal fans’ hearts are Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, whose secret engagement after the show wrapped was leaked on Instagram.

Married at First Sight: New Zealand S1 starts on Tuesday 20 August on Lifetime (131) at 19:55