Experts looking for symptoms of passion, ferocity, extravagance and intense drama have declared S2 of Married to Medicine: Los Angeles to be a dangerous carrier, Mondays on 1Magic (DStv 103) at 19:00.

Just one episode and you’ll catch the need to watch more and more.

The medical professionals and doctors’ wives are back in business (in more ways than one) and they’re inviting viewers around the world to duck behind the privacy curtain for a sneak peek into their unconventional daily lives. Returning from S1 are fan-favourites Dr. Britten, Dr Imani, Shanique and Jazmin. S2 also welcomes two newcomers, OBGYN Dr. Kendra and Lia, who is a self-proclaimed “girl boss”.

Where the ladies are, drama is sure to follow. Here’s your trial dose…

A woman’s work is never done

Dr. Britten shares her thoughts on the upcoming season: “These are groups of women who are intelligent, smart, beautiful, and it’s all about relationships and friendships and how we deal with them,” she says. The focus of S2 is careers, relationships and finding that balance. When you’re that beautiful and that smart, it should be easy peasy to find that equilibrium, no?”

Really, no. For Dr. Imani and Shanique, it’s easier said than done when it comes to juggling demanding careers and keeping together a family that’s falling apart. And for Dr. Kendra and Dr. Britten it’s more about reinvigorating love in their current relationships. They have those difficult yet important conversations with their significant others about intimacy after having a child, going back to work full-time and how to get their mojo back as a couple.

But romantic love isn’t the only priority as Dr Britten observes, “You know, as it’s been shown so far, the two people that have the most are Shanique and Asha. What happens between them will unravel and you’ll see if there are resolutions. There’s also a little bit going on between Imani and Jazmin. I think everyone’s seen that too, and again, you just have to watch the show so you can see how it all unravels, and if and when there’s a resolution.”

The 10-episode S2 is a cocktail of comedy, tragedy and dilemmas. It’s sure to cure your boredom and keep you guessing about which cast member is going to drop the next big news.

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Spilleth that tea!

When it comes to opulence and all sorts of quotable moments, the cast of Married to Medicine: Los Angeles take the cake! And what pairs with cake? Tea, of course! All the tea. Take a sip and give a side-eye when one of these moments pops up in S2:

S2, Ep1 Jazmin takes her girl crew to the lap of luxury in the Hollywood Hills for an action-packed weekend of leisure and business. Look out for the sharp knives in the kitchen and in the back.

S2, Ep2: Dr. Imani is numbing the pain of her loveless marriage and those around her are starting to notice. Brace yourself for the backlash when Jazmin and Shanique confront Imani.

S2, Ep4: Halloween in Los Angeles is all about dress-up, but for the Married to Medicine cast, it’s going to bring spooky news. Look out for Dr. Kendra dropping a bomb on her husband, Shanique butting heads with Lia, as well as an unforgettable hair-raising moment for Dr. Britten.

S2, Ep5: Oh no! Not the cornbread! Watch what happens when Jazmin places Dr. Kendra on a strict diet. Will their friendship survive an argument over a tasty slice of cornbread?

S2, Ep8: If you’re feeling low, get your pals to perk you up and plan a sis-cation because bae-cations are so yesterday. But look out for the spicy gift-giving that puts Dr. Imani in an awkward position.

S2, E10: Jazmin, the queen of parties, hosts her end-of-year holiday celebration. It’s not just any celebration – it’s one where she will show off the new man in her life. But will her other significant other show up or let her down? Look out for the sweat and sniggering from the girl crew.

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