E! Entertainment is giving DStv viewers a hilarious look into the loving, dynamic and always outspoken lives of a popular psychic medium and his pageant queen girlfriend.

Matt Fraser, America’s Top Psychic Medium and star of E!’s brand-new series Meet The Frasers, and his girlfriend, former Miss Rhode Island Teen Alexa Papigiotis, are emerging as Cranston’s golden couple. The duo is recognised everywhere from their local Italian restaurant to the latest stop on Matt's coast-to-coast tour, and they’re armed with personalities big enough to take over the small city of Cranston, Rhode Island and beyond.

When the series premieres Monday, 17 February at 20:00 on E! Entertainment (DStv 124), viewers will become part of the Fraser family. “The show is going to give viewers a glimpse of our relationships with our parents, Alexa’s run in Miss USA and behind-the-scenes access to my life as I share readings at live events, in the media and in private consultations,” Matt says.

Meeting Mr. Fraser

Matt knew from a very early age that he had psychic abilities, but it wasn’t something he always liked. “I was afraid of the gift and tried to push it away,” he tells DStv in an exclusive interview. “I almost missed my calling.”

It wasn’t until he went to see a psychic medium himself that everything changed. “I was a teenager when I went for my first reading and it was then that I realised that I didn’t have to be afraid. I started reconnecting with people around me, sharing readings in my community and words began to travel like wildfire. People started hearing about my abilities and before long, I was making public appearances across the United States.”

The rest, as they say, is history, and Matt is now gearing up to give South Africans exclusive access into his life as America’s Top Psychic Medium. And it’s access that South Africans are craving - so much so, in fact, that Matt is considering visiting our shores when he embarks on his next tour. “A very big part of my following is from South Africa,” Matt says. “More than 80% of my readings are from South Africans who want to be connected with their loved ones.”

Family matters

In addition to the front-row seat viewers will get to witness Matt’s abilities, viewers will also be introduced to his loving and dynamic family, who works for him.

“When you work together, it’s easy to get under one-another’s throats. But at the end of the day, family can get fired and they can get into trouble. So viewers will see as our family engages in disagreements, they will see my mom think she’s the boss while I think I’m the boss. But above all, they’ll see how much we love each other.”

The individuals that viewers will be introduced to in Meet the Frasers are:

Matt Fraser

Matt is a vibrant go-getter with a taste for the finer things in life. As a psychic medium and author with a burgeoning career and a serious romantic relationship, the last two years of Matt's life have been a whirlwind. He's doing his best to balance his personal and professional aspirations and a family that doesn't hold back when expressing their thoughts on both. Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will publish Matt Fraser's When Heaven Calls on March 31, 2020.

Alexa Papigiotis

The Former Miss Teen Rhode Island has her sights set on becoming Miss Rhode Island and is prepping for her second run at the title. She also serves as Matt's assistant and sounding board. However, she's not letting her career goals get in the way of her personal ones. After three years of dating Matt, she's made it very clear to him that she's ready for a ring and a wedding.

Maria Fraser

Maria is Matt's younger sister, who's witty, cynical, and the voice of reason. Although she works in the family business, she's afraid of ghosts and still sleeps with all the lights on.

Angela Fraser

Matt's mother Angela, who is psychic herself, could not be prouder of her son. As Matt's office manager, sole member of his promotions department and chief helicopter parent, Angela works closely with him and constantly oversteps boundaries.

Rod Fraser

Matt's father Rod is a retired Navy Captain and decorated former Fire Commissioner whose interests could not be further from Matt's. While he loves his son, he's skeptical of psychics and won't watch Matt when he's giving readings at events. Rod has a great relationship with Anthony Ciolli, Alexa's stepdad.

Sharon Ciolli

Alexa's mom Sharon shares her sentiment that Matt and Alexa need to get married and start a family ASAP. She's a baby nurse with no filter, who is very comfortable talking about how babies are made, much to Alexa's embarrassment.

Ava Papigiotis

Ava, Alexa's younger sister, is a beautifully put together perfectionist. Ever the supportive sister, she's training Alexa in the gym to get her into shape for the pageant.

Anthony Ciolli

Alexa and Ava's stepfather Anthony is a retired nightclub owner and self-proclaimed former mobster with a quick temper and dry sense of humor. Family comes first with him, and he's always treated Alexa and Ava like his own flesh and blood. "Tony Two Toes," as he's called, has only eight toes.

Meet The Frasers starts Monday, 17 February at 20:00 on E! Entertainment Television (124).

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