Can you put a price on your dream home?

Imagine going in search of your dream house, with a dream budget to match! HGTV’s reality house hunting show, My Dream Lottery Home, premieres on DStv this week.

The South African Lottery jackpot currently sits at a whopping R14m, and most of us have no problem dreaming of just what we’d do with all that cash. After quitting their job, the second most popular fantasy among ticket buyers is imagining what their perfect home would look like if money were no object. While you are waiting for that lucky day, why not take some notes from host David Bromstad as he guides newly-minted American millionaires in search of their ultimate luxury home, with a dream budget courtesy of their real-life lottery wins.

Style as well as substance

Whether they rake in hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions, Bromstad’s most important role is to help these lucky winners discover their favourite design and style elements. Most winners are regular people used to keeping to a strict budget, and just the thought of all those zeros in their bank account threatens to seriously cloud their judgement – understandably. While they might be tempted to spend all their winnings on extravagant mansions, the show and its host tries to guide them towards a more realistic investment. And for the most part, they are quite successful.

Location, location, location

Most of the participants are simply looking to upgrade their homes – holiday homes are not the main focus, at least, not just yet. Nevertheless, “It's so fun to see these people live the dream. It's pretty amazing!” Bromstad told IOL when the first season aired in the States.

“All of the (location)choices are near family,” he adds. “That is 100% the biggest thing. A house could be in the middle of nowhere, and they always stay close to family. That was something that really surprised me. It's all about family.”

Budget policy

While the entire winnings is important, the show keeps matters such as taxes due in mind, something starry-eyed millionaires don’t always think of.

House hunters give the producers their ideal budget, and the show works with them to ensure that their request is realistic. But if they are being too conservative, Bromstad is not shy to push them a little, if it’s worth it. “On the first episode, they had asked for a $3 million or lower limit, and I showed them a $5 million house. I usually don't do that – you know, go millions above their limit. But when you win $180 million in the lottery, it comes with the territory. I pushed it a little bit there,” he admits.

My Lottery Dream Home S2 starts on Monday 26 August on HGTV (177) at 19:50
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