A new star was born after Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet at the 2019 Oscar Awards, during which they performed their chart-topping hit Shallow from their rom-com film A Star Is Born (2018). Dating reality show The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart is that star.

The Bachelor franchise producers were sitting at the edge of their seats while the stars were singing their lungs and hearts out on stage and they thought, “How can we create this moment on television,” explains host Chris Harrison, who is also one of the executive producers. “We thought that they [Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga] were going to have sex on the stage. We wanted to create the same chemistry,” he adds.

How does Listen To Your Heart work?

The 6-episode series follows musicians who’re searching for love and fame. Each week, the singles go on Bachelor-inspired dates during which they get to enjoy a candle-lit dinner followed by a sing-off. The first 2 episodes are about forming connections. The men and women alternate in handing out roses – and contestants without the red token are eliminated. Just as they start to get comfortable and develop real bonds, new contestants arrive at the mansion to unsettle their romances.

From episode 3, the remaining couples are told to choose a partner who they’ll date until the finale. Every week, the official pairs perform a duet on a live stage where they’re judged by celebrity guests like singers Toni Braxton and Jason Mraz, as well as Bachelor alums like S13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her husband, Bryan Abasolo, who met on The Bachelor. The couple with the least chemistry during their performance is sent home, and the last duo standing win a tour around the US, where they’ll work with renowned music producers and perform love songs together.

“Bachelor fans are going to love that Listen To Your Heart feels familiar. There’s a mansion, date cards and rose ceremonies. It’s similar to spin-off show Bachelor In Paradise and at the same time, there’s this eccentric and exciting fresh twist to it that people will also enjoy. Listen To Your Heart is really about finding love and a strong relationship,” explains Chris.

First impressions count. Meet some of the contestants, followed by a classic song that best represents their journey on Listen To Your Heart.

The women


If music student Jamie Weintraub (21) was on her deathbed and she was granted her final wish, she’d ask to be serenaded by a man with a guitar. It’s a good thing that she’s on the show, as most of these men would sing to a woman for free on any day. Other than finding her true love, Jamie wants to prove that she could be her hometown Nashville’s next pop country sensation. 
Song: Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble. Jamie makes a classic good girl mistake by falling for a bad boy with a horrible track record.


Not only is waitress and aspiring pop singer Bri Strauss (28) done with immature men who don’t know what they want, she doesn’t have the patience for commitment-phobes. Bri is on the show because she hasn’t been lucky at love. She was recently engaged but called it off when she realised that her fiancé wasn’t ready to tie the knot.  
Song: Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love. Bri finds love on the show, the kind where “two hearts beat as one”, just like in the 1981 song.


From afar, musician Rudi Gutierrez (24) comes across as a tough cookie. Behind the put-on hard exterior is a sensitive young woman with a heart of gold. Just a friendly warning though: she admits that she’s one of those crazy-type girlfriends. She once stayed up late until her ex-boyfriend fell asleep and she used his finger to break into his cellphone so that she could go over his text messages.  
Song: Adele – Someone Like You. Rudi has a spark with one of the hunks in the mansion but when she confesses that she’s falling for him, he doesn’t necessarily reciprocate her feelings. Instead he replies: “You’re very courageous for speaking your truth. I appreciate you doing that.” He might as well have given her a high five on the forehead. Move on Rudi, you deserve better.


Former beauty pageant queen Natascha Bessez (33) is no stranger to competing in singing competitions. She was on Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll in 2007 and S9 of The Voice Holland in 2018. When she arrives at the mansion, she starts off by stirring the pot. 
Song: Seal – Kiss From A Rose. Natascha’s kiss with a suitor is off to an awkward start. She looks like she’s either sucking the dear life out of him or biting his head off.


Julia Rae (27) is another ex-beauty queen. She won Miss Pennsylvania Teen and Miss Philadelphia in 2015. She claims that she sang before she took her first step. Julia admits that she’s ready to meet the love of her life and something tells her that he might be on the other side of the Listen To Your Heart door.  
Song: Katy Perry – Hot N Cold. Julia is in a complicated love triangle and she chooses an indecisive bad boy who takes her for a ride and stands in her way of winning the competition.


Yoga instructor and model Savannah McKinley (25) quit her nine-to-five in a corporate environment to follow her passion: music. She’s a self-taught guitarist, proving that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Love is next on her list.  
Song: Dolly Parton – Jolene. Savannah thought she found her perfect match, but another woman had her claws on him. The yoga instructor is so furious and defeated when her suitor admits to having feelings for both women. She storms out the room and starts crying because she “doesn’t feel chosen”. Cue music: “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene. I’m begging of you please don’t take my man.”

The men


Sheridan Reed (27) encompasses what rockstars are made of. The floral shirts, wide-brim pork pie hats, ripped skinny jeans, wavy long beach hair and not to forget the tattoos all over his arms. He also lives out of his car during his self-funded music tours, and he’d like to meet a special lady, worthy to claim his heart and the passenger seat of his Subaru, named Sheila.  
Song: Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart. Sheridan’s heart is crushed when the lady he fancies ditches him for another man.


While Trevor Holmes (29) was a semi-professional hockey player, music has always been his first love. He made it into top 25 on American Idol in 2018, and he hopes to walk away with the number 1 spot on Listen To Your Heart.  
Song: Charles & Eddie – Would I Lie To You? Just when Trevor is falling for his crush, a new arrival threatens his budding romance and reveals the skeletons in his closet. He has a lot of explaining to do, but luckily, he confesses the truth about his past and nothing but the truth.


Wedding singer Chris Watson (30) is about as kind-hearted as they come. His father’s sudden death years ago propelled him to go after his dreams of becoming a musician. From day 1, he has his eye on Bri and he believes that they can make it until the end. 
Song: Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are. Chris and Bri are so head-over-heels with each other that it’s hard not to root for them.


Matt Ranaudo (32) takes after his musician father, who was also a country singer. Like his old man, Matt is part of a band called Brother Stone & The Get Down, with his cousin. He also writes music for advertisements, television shows and other musicians.  
Song: Will.I.Am featuring Cheryl Cole – Heartbreaker. Matt has the most cringeworthy moment of the season when he lowkey rejects his love interest.


Ex-Marine Brandon Mills (34) served in Afghanistan, and Iraq and when he returned from the war, writing music and playing the guitar became his therapy. He opened for Jason Derulo at Times Square in 2016. Matt might be a lady magnet, pity he doesn’t treat his love interests with respect and kindness.  
Song: Michael Jackson – Bad. Brandon is really, really bad to these women.


Ryan Neal (28) could pass as a member of a teen boyband with his clean-shaven face, bright smile and photo-ready hair. He’s never dated a musician, and he’s looking forward to meeting women who share similar interests, like turning any and every moment into a singing session.  
Song: Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover. Ryan is an initial hot commodity and most women in the house want a piece of him.


With over 1 million YouTube followers, Danny Padilla (26) hasn’t found a woman who’d like to subscribe to his heart. He is famous for recording musical impersonations on his social media platforms, and he’s eager to meet someone who finds his hobby cute.  
Song: James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado – Broken Strings. Although Danny gets along with one of the women, their chemistry is off when they take to the stage. The judges see through the sketchy connection, that looks very put on and as the James Morrison song goes: “You can’t play on broken strings. You can’t feel anything that your heart don’t want to feel. I can’t tell you something that ain’t real.”

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