Yes, that’s right, the 27th season of The Graham Norton Show, with another 20 utterly delightful episodes or so, is coming our way this April. The episodes will be “Express from the UK” with the award-winning Irish host who will once again have his viewers at home in stitches with his anecdotes and the unreal-sounding – yet very real – funny stories from his guests.

The host with the most

Mister Walker (the “Norton” is actually his great-grandmother’s maiden name that he chose as his stage name) has a knack for quickly disarming any defences or reservations his often prim and proper British and American celeb guests might have. To viewers’ delight, he gets celebrities to spill the beans in the most fantastic way – mostly about laugh-out-loud and cringe-inducing things they’ve recently been involved in.

Graham’s charm and laughter is a big part of the reason why his guests and viewers feel so quickly at home on his colourful set. The bawdy tales and raucous entertainment makes you feel as if you’re listening to your buzzed uncle after a big family get-together who’s started to entertain everyone with stories that you’re not really supposed to hear, and spiced with a naughty word or two, and end up enjoying so very much!

There’s a change up, but with good reason

Some of the stories are completely outrageous but to the BBC’s credit, because of the later timeslot, allow the guests to pretty much say whatever they want to say. And here’s a secret you might not know: The show is done in front of a live studio audience (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) but isn’t actually broadcast live. “We could do it live, but I just think it’s better not,” quips Graham. “We can cut out the boring bits! If we made it a live show we’d make it a very different show.”

The new season coming this April will have some small tweaks because of production precautions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Episodes are going to be half-hour in length and the Red Chair in which people get the chance to share funny stories will no longer be in studio but in people’s homes. None of the celebrity guests have been announced yet, but keep your eyes peeled to DStv for the update.

“The Bafta award-winning host will be back, connecting the world around him with his famous mix of star guests, jokes and stories, including the notorious Red Chair – now relocated to the comfort of your own armchair at home,” says the BBC.

The Graham Norton Show season 27 starts on Tuesday 21 April on BBC Brit (120) at 20:20

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