Would you row across the Atlantic?

How about if you had Riaan Manser with you? He wants an ordinary South African to join him on his next adventure!

Global explorer, Riaan Manser, is gearing up for his next adventure: a 5,500-kilometre and two-month-long row across the Atlantic Ocean – from The Canary Islands to Barbados. But for this extraordinary expedition, he wants an ordinary South African to join him. No experience needed. Only guts, drive and determination.

With a little help...

To find his rowing partner, Manser called upon adventurous South Africans to join him, with more than 15 000 adrenaline-junkies plunging at the opportunity to embark on an experience of a lifetime with the legendary Manser. Unfortunately, the first person to circumnavigate the coast of Africa and the first person to kayak 5000-kilometres around Madagascar only had a spot for one individual. So, the entries had to be whittled down to ten finalists who will battle it out in a gruelling test of courage through an intense five-day ocean boot camp.

The extreme challenges were created to reveal the power pulof the ocean to the finalists and push them to their limits physically, emotionally and mentally, Manser says.

“You’ll never win the fight against the sea, the sea is stronger than you and never tires. It will always beat you.”

The winner will be chosen by a panel of esteemed judges – Olympic gold medalist, Sizwe Ndlovu; psychologist Nicole Badenhorst; ocean expert Chris Roberts and experienced ocean rower and Riaan's wife, Vasti Manser – who are not only looking for athletic ability but mental tenacity, self-belief and staying calm under pressure.

The ultimate explorer who has got the guts and grit to partner with Riaan on the extreme expedition will join him in a tiny boat that they will row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean. The pair will go through a journey of self-discovery and throughout the final two episodes, we follow the pair’s trials and tribulations on their life-threatening attempt to cross the second largest ocean on the planet.

Which ordinary South African has got what it takes to survive a 5500 kilometre, two-month-long row across the Atlantic ocean? And will they make it to the other side unscathed? Tune in to find out!

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