From Atlanta’s “Georgia peaches” to Potomac’s etiquette-obsessed ladies, the Housewives’ franchise has given us some of our favourite savvy businesswomen who can pack a mean punch (sometimes literally). From one of the richest enclaves in the US, comes the ladies of Orange County with all their luxurious living and busy lifestyles. Just because they have a chef, butler and three live-in au pairs, doesn’t mean that these mothers have all the time in the world – they actually don’t.

These California babes don’t belie their high society status which comes with expectations of always being dressed in your Sunday best with the obligatory nips and tucks from their favourite plastic surgeons. This season, Tamra is moving to a new house again, Shannon has an inspirational weight-loss journey (and no, it wasn’t gastro bypass surgery) and yes, there’s a new girl in town.

Who’s back this season

Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie are starting a new business venture amid the move to her new digs. As the glue in her friendship circle, she’s caught in between two of her co-stars and two of her sons who have conflicting political views.

She’s now single and ready to mingle. Shannon Beador has moved on from her “toxic marriage” and emotionally abusive ex-husband and is thriving in the culinary world with her delicious yet healthy recipes. As a mother to three girls, she just wants to set an example for her daughters to show that it’s never late, or too early, to start over.

Kelly Dodd attributes her feisty and fiery nature to her Latin lineage. This season, she’s mending the broken relationship with her estranged family and protecting her daughter from the reputation-damaging allegations that are making the rounds.

Not one to mince her words, Gina Kirschenheiter likes to shake things up in her social circle and home life. She’s a mother to three young children and this season, she shows her vulnerable side and leans on her friends for support.

The term housewife should not be applied to Emily Simpson. In fact, most of these ladies are working moms and Emily knows all about hard work. She’s an attorney, part-time party planner, wife and mother.

Braunywn Windham-Burke is the new housewife who’s Kelly’s friend. Hers is a busy life, what with raising seven children who range from baby to toddler to teenagers. She wants to transform her mommy blog into a book and is always down for a mom’s night out.

The Real Housewives of Orange County S14 starts on Thursday 19 March on 1Magic (103) at 20:30

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