Hosted by the super-being himself, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Titan Games is a brand new reality “muscletainment” show that challenges everyday athletes to conquer “Mount Olympus” and join The Rock’s elite team of Titans. Every week, two teams of men and women will face off not only against a range of originally designed obstacles, but also against their competitors, until one man and one woman are crowned the ultimate champions and true Titans.

The Rock knows his damn role

There’s a whole lot of Dwayne Johnson on DStv this month, and the pick of the crop is the high-octane sports competition series The Titan Games.

As The Rock says: “know your damn role!” And musclebound pro wrestling legend-turned Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson has played enough of them to spot a perfect fit when he sees one. Starting from 25 May, he’ll be hosting The Titan Games on M-Net. DJ, as his co-hosts call him, is also mentor to the spandex-clad contestants who face off in pairs in challenges designed to test their athleticism. The winner of each pairing advances to compete against another winner on a tough obstacle course called Mount Olympus, and the winners of that contest, will earn the title “Titan”.

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The Titan Games is all about competitors pushing their bodies to the limit in an epic test of strength, endurance, determination and courage. Think Gladiators (remember that show?) mixed with your CrossFit class and a smidge of Greek mythology, and you’re just about there.

The Titan Games commentators Alex Mendez and Liam McHugh.

The Atlantic describes the show as “awesome” and the challenges, designed by Dwayne himself, certainly are! They include:

  • Atlas Smash, where contestants must haul a concrete ball almost eight metres. They can use a large hammer to chip away at the concrete to make the ball lighter.
  • Cyclone, where contestants race to knock down five two-storey pillars with a wrecking ball – awesome!

And that’s just for starters. If they make it to Mount Olympus, the contestants will have to overcome seven additional obstacles.

The Titan Games comes from Dwayne’s desire to motivate everyday people to reach their potential by attempting the impossible. As a titan of pro wrestling who has overcome his own difficult past, he really has found his perfect damn role on this show.

The Titan Games S1 starts on at 19:00 on M-Net (101) on Saturday 25 May
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