Exactly how real is too real? We might be about to find out when the Toe Bro takes gross to a whole new level, getting up-close and stinky with toes so grim, grizzly and gargantuan, they’ll send you running for a foot spa. From a dancer whose ingrown toenails are turning her passion into pain, to a freakishly swollen big toe affectionately dubbed “The Toezilla”, you never know – The Toe Bro could be coming to a sock near you.

The best man for a gross job

Meet Jonathan Tomines, the podiatrist whose YouTube channel has been turned into a TV show.

Lifetime’s new reality show is equal parts fascinating and horrifying. Watch as Jonathan Tomines treats some of the most disgusting foot ailments, but first, here’s why he’s the best man for the job.

He is a qualified chiropodist

Jonathan followed in his father’s er … footsteps when he became a chiropodist in 2012. A chiropodist (or podiatrist) is a doctor who specialises in ailments of the feet, ankles or lower legs.

He’s a YouTube star

For a whiff of what you can expect, check out Jonathan’s YouTube channel, The Toe Bro. The foot specialist has more than 461k subscribers and has uploaded more than 200 wonderfully gruesome videos.

His bedside manner is a winner

Being a doctor is about more than just diagnoses and surgery. It also requires charm, a listening ear and empathy. One of the series’ main selling points is Jonathan’s bedside manner and his ability to relate to his patients.

He was inspired by Dr Pimple Popper

Dr Sandra Lee AKA Dr Pimple Popper is a legend among those who like their entertainment “so bad, it’s good”. The doctor analyses some of the grossest skin conditions and it seems there’s a definite market for it: Dr Pimple Popper’s YouTube channel has more than 5million subscribers.

In an interview with entertainment website Hollywood SOAPBOX, Jonathan admitted that he is a huge Dr Pimple fan and that he made the decision to film some of his procedures while watching her vlog.

Ready for your new guilty pleasure? Watch Jonathan Tomines transform lives in The Toe Bro. But be sure to eat supper beforehand – you’ve been warned!

The Toe Bro starts on Thursday 23 May on Lifetime (131) at 19:55
Available on Catch Up and to stream online at DStv Now »