Notice ‘em petrol fumes you’re smelling? That’s the new breath of fresh air that the trio of petrolhead presenters Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff are breathing into the iconic British car magazine show Top Gear, which continues its back-to-basics approach with the exciting new 28th season on BBC Brit (120).

It’s all fun and games

With another season already confirmed, the brilliant British trio have been extremely successful in recreating the show in a new, funny and irreverent way that still gives you the cooler-than-cool “car-watch” feeling that millions of Top Gear fans have come to love over the years. The upcoming season is the second one that features all three presenters who gel better together than grease on wheels. They will once again get up to even more mischief in spectacular locations as they wind each other up while creating motoring mayhem. Besides the constant humour, viewers can look forward to seeing even more magnificent and top-level cars, unreal and crazy adventures and several celebrity guests.

The craziness continues

Freddie – sitting strapped inside a dangling red Rover Metro that’s dangling high above a Swiss dam for a car bungee-jump – the stunt that kicks off the first episode, is a perfect example of the eye-popping, spectacular car-craziness to come in this new season. Paddy gets to test-drive BMW’s most expensive car, the new M8 (episode 6), and viewers will also see the new Ariel Atom (episode 1), Renault Megane RS and Porsche Cayman GT-4 (episode 4) and even the cool McLaren Speedtail (episode 2) make a showing. As electric and hybrid wheels continue to make their push onto the road, look out for a spin in the fast-all-electric Porsche Taycan (episode 3).

Get ready for excellent vroom in your TV room with Paddy, Chris and Freddy behind (and mostly) in control of the steering wheel!

Watch Top Gear season 28 on Thursdays from 5 March 2020 on BBC Brit (120) at 20:00

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