Wife Swap is a fascinating social experiment that looks at what happens when people from different backgrounds swap spouses. As you can imagine, anything can go wrong… Watch it on 1Magic. 

Do you remember the original Wife Swap series that aired back in 2004? It quickly became the TV show that everyone was talking about because of its shock value. The premise is that two couples agree to swap spouses (usually the wives) for two weeks. For the first week, they live by the husband’s rules, for the second, by the wife’s – and the results are fascinating.

Careful casting ensures that that the wives being swapped are always very different from each other, resulting in the husbands seeing their lives from a totally new perspective – sometimes positive, but very often negative. At the end of the experiment, the couples get together to discuss their experiences, and it can, at times, get feisty. In fact, in the past, it has even resulted in violence.

Watch as old-fashioned values come up against more liberal lifestyles, control freaks get their comeuppance, vegetarians have to live with life-long meat eaters and a germaphobe has to deal with a messy, cat-filled home.

Wife Swap starts on Monday 16 December on 1Magic (103) at 19:00

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