Nathan is no more, following a shocking betrayal

We almost had ourselves a punch-up at one of the most dramatic Tribal Councils yet this season as Nathan departed and Geoff kicked his game into high gear.

The question on everyone’s lips is how Rob will respond once he sees that his BFF Nathan was not only booted off, but at the hands of fellow amigo Nicole! The sneaky beauty queen might have trusted Geoff to get her to the merge and back with Rob and Steffi, but the amigos’ alliance was never a secret. Time will tell whether Geoff will continue his mastery of the social game by using Nicole’s betrayal to his own advantage, or whether Rob will gun for Geoff.

Back to that thrilling Tribal Council. Geoff clearly emerged as a serious contender. He master-minded the proceedings like a skilled conductor directing an orchestra, with everyone playing exactly the part he assigned to them.

Not mincing his words, he immediately launched into the perfect red herring by provoking Danté, who had planned on voting Geoff or Mmaba off for being useless at physical challenges. Danté was caught off guard, and he remained that way, even after threatening to hug Geoff with his fist. Meryl felt threatened by this interaction and in another masterstroke, Geoff forced her to play her Hidden Immunity Idol – something that would have come in very handy for her after the merge.

When Nico started reading the votes, the expressions of shock and confusion on Danté and Meryl’s faces showed just how well Geoff had played them. And while Nicole shed many a crocodile tear when Nathan realised he’d been betrayed, it remains to be seen whether she made her move too soon.

Fresh from Tribal Council, Nathan struggles to hide his shock. 

We caught up with Nathan after episode seven aired to catch up on his thoughts since that night and find out a bit more about his Survivor experience, how his injuries are doing and who he has pegged for the ultimate Survivor. 

How has life been since your exit from the show, have you been Googling your name or looking online to see what people think?

I have researched some of the things that have been said (online) to a certain degree. I’ve tried my best not to look everything up and I’ve been told that Twitter is a dark place and I should walk there with caution. I actually think I Googled myself about a week ago – obviously you want to see how you are being perceived by the public.

Have people been recognising you at all?

Yes, and normally the first thing is “an we take a photo?” and then that question is followed by “so, how are all your injuries doing?”

How are all your injuries doing, by the way? And are you normally considered quite accident-prone? 

There it is! (laughs) My foot healed while I was on the island, and my hand is ok now – the stitches eventually came out. It’s the part of the experience that I don’t think I’m ever going to live down. And the truth is I’m not accident prone in real life. I don’t get injured very often. I think I’ve had one injury in my life before Survivor, and then Survivor was two. I think the conditions I was under and maybe not thinking straight with regard to how to hold a knife and cut things … it was just a very unlucky yet amazing experience for me.

What was the one TV show you didn’t look forward to missing out on while you were on the island?

SuperSport, really! I’m an avid Arsenal supporter, and at that stage we were still firmly in the league. To my dismay, when I got off the island, I realised that we weren’t doing too well. So I might as well have stayed a bit longer.

Is there one app that you would have given anything to have access to on the island?

Definitely! It would have been WhatsApp, to be honest. I think if I could have contacted my loved ones at least every second day, I think that would have taken a huge element out of the game – and that would be the toughest element, the emotional side of the game. Having that contact, maybe being able to voice call, having your loved ones to essentially ground you, that would have meant the world to me. But then it obviously wouldn’t have been Survivor.

If you could have had unlimited access to one website while on the island, that might have given you the edge in the competition, which one would it be and why?

Wow… If there was a website that allowed us to spy on other people’s confessionals and what they were actually saying about the rest of us when they’re just speaking to the camera directly, that would have been helpful. Otherwise a Bear Grylls-type website where it teaches me how to make fires in the rain, how to try and stay dry even though it’s raining constantly … how to survive, really.

If you could have taken music to listen to on the island, what would it have been?

Very often on the island I did sing to myself – not well, I might add. A song that I listened to on the plane to Samoa, funnily enough, was from a childhood movie that I really enjoyed. The movie is called The Prince of Egypt and the song goes “there can be miracles, if you believe”. In fact, Nicole and I sang this song to each other very often, whenever we were feeling down. I had to believe that we could achieve miracles. Music helped a lot!

Is there a castaway that you think is going to go all the way in this season’s Survivor? 

Can I make my prediction? Nicole and Rob will make top two, that’s if there is a top two. If there’s a top three, I don’t know who the third one will be. I know it sounds like I am mentioning the two people that I was the closest to on the island, but based on the dynamics and what I’ve seen up until now, I definitely think they are well placed to make it all the way.

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