These 6 international series will thrill you

From medical dramas to hotels that harbour skeletons in more ways than one, this week’s series have it all.

We’ve got exciting new series and new seasons to keep you glued to your screens this week. Here are some of our top picks.

New Amsterdam S2

Re-join the doctors, medical caregivers, staff and administrators at New Amsterdam Medical Centre, the oldest public hospital in the United States suffering from crippling bureaucracy and a loss of vision about what patient care should really mean. The second season picks up three months after the end of the shocking first season finale which ended with a car accident. Through flashbacks, the whole aftermath of the incident becomes clear as Dr Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) rededicates himself to fix the hospital as medical director. This season the hospital will deal with further fascinating inner-city cases in every episode while Max has to cut the budget and the doctors try their utmost to save lives within a public health system that works against them at every turn.

Starts Monday 1 June on M-Net (101) at 19:00. Also available to watch on Catch Up.


The Bold Type S3

Inspired by the life of long-time magazine editor and executive Joanna Coles, comes this story about three women fighting for survival in the magazine publishing industry. At the end of season two Sutton's professional dreams materialised when she attended Paris Fashion Week; Jane went ahead with her fertility plans, while Kate felt the pressure from Jacqueline to make the Paris party a success. Season three picks up right after the heartbreak, romances and uncertainties from the season two finale Jane, Kat and Sutton are back in New York and dealing with the aftermath of some major decisions.

Sunday 31 May on VUZU (116) at 20:00

Nurses S1

Everything can change in a heartbeat. This new Canadian drama series set in a busy Toronto hospital, follows the lives of a group of young nurses on the medical frontlines as they struggle to not just help their patients but also each other. Can Grace (Tiera Skovbye) keep secrets from her past under wraps and what are Nazneen (Sandy Sidhu) and Wolf (Donald Maclean Jr.) hiding? Will the former college football star Keon (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) be able to handle the drastic career-change and is the adrenaline-junkie Ashley (Natasha Calis) too much for the hospital corridors?

Tuesday 2 June on Universal TV (117) at 20:00

Secrets at the Hotel

A young man of humble origins travels to the Grand Hotel on the outskirts of the San Cristóbal Tlaxico village to visit his sister Cristina who works as the floor supervisor. There, Julio discovers that more than a month after being dismissed for allegedly stealing from the hotel, she has disappeared from everyone’s memory. He decides to stay on as a waiter to investigate her disappearance but does not expect the love, mystery, death and betrayal that follow.

Wednesday 3 June FOX Life (126) at 20:45


Doom Patrol

Another DC Comic-inspired series featuring haphazard superheroes who have all experienced and suffered a horrible accident that gifted them their superhuman abilities, but that ultimately left them scared or disfigured. The group come together to investigate weird phenomena and solve some of the strangest mysteries.

Thursday 4 June on M-Net City (115) at 21:40. Also available to watch on Catch Up.


Carter S2

When we last saw Harley (Jerry O’Connell), he had to decide if he was going back to Hollywood or staying in Canada. We’re glad he chose home, because in this second season, he goes even deeper, using disguises to go undercover while also doubling down on his fame. Like the mystery of his mom’s disappearance in season one, Harley continues to discover that the toughest cases are the personal ones.

Thursday 4 June on Universal TV (117) at 20:50. Also available to watch on Catch Up

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